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Australian Aloe Exports was created to take advantage of the world leading qualities of the Aloe Vera plantations in northern Queensland where both the climate and the agricultural conditions can guarantee the very top quality product available.

The farms where we grow the Aloe Vera is Certified Organic with the Chemical Free Farmers Association in Australia. This facility offers a sustainable economic security and income by creating jobs through investments in agricultural developments.

While utilising all modern agricultural methods where appropriate, organic farming does require precise manual methods of planting, harvesting, and cleaning. The extraction of the Gel in this manner ensures that the Gel is both extracted and stabilised in the best manner available to produce a high quality product without relying on chemical preservatives.

Why purchase your Aloe Vera from us?

 If you are looking for the top quality Certified Organic Aloe Vera Products, from a company specialising in exporting direct to you, then look no further than Australian Aloe Exports.

We co-operate closely with a well respected TGA approved laboratory service which perform quality research of our products. They test batch direct from our factory concerning the composition, specification and quality of the Aloe Vera.  From planting to processing the complete protocol is followed by professors and laboratory assistants by means of these control tests.

 These photos of the manufacturing plant, show the blending room tanks where 99.7% Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice is converted into the Gel, and also the tubing machine that is used to pack product for bulk tube orders. A portable stainless steel tank is used to transport the gel from the blending room to the tubing facility which is in the same GMP suite.  All air in the manufacturing rooms is filtered to an ISO F7 or ISO F8 standard and both the air and room surfaces are routinely monitored to ensure there is no microbial contamination. All of the products are also micro tested.


Australian Aloe Exports currently markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore and China with applications to health authorities in other neighbouring countries. Contact us if you have interest for other areas.

The Aloe Vera Gel from Australian Aloe Exports is specifically manufactured to the highest quality and has not been watered down, as per so many competitors who manufacture down to a price, rather than producing the superior quality we provide.

Australian Aloe Exports concentrate on high quality Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Powder and currently working on hair care and skin care products.

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