Aloe Gel on Rashes and for Hair and Scalp

Hello Chris,

I am enjoying the Aloe Vera powder.

I have been also using the Aloe gel and the spray bottle of Aloe as well. All feel very cooling and relieving and seem to stop the terrible itch from the rash on my back that I have had for many years.

The relief usually lasts most of the day then I reapply more gel. So I am very grateful for that. In the last eight years I have tried dozens of products for the inflammation and itch but the gel is the most effective.

Thanks Susan


Aloe  and Aloe Gel for inflamed skin that would not Heal!

 Hello Bev

I have suffered with a serious skin cancer on my forearm and after some successful operations and skin grafts all was OK and healed. Then two months ago I developed a small red spot that began to spread until it covered all the area of the skin graft. It was itchy and inflamed and red raw and also weeping and painful and it would not heal. I then sought professional advice and was subscribed many different topical applications which had no success with resolving my painful problem.

Then as luck would have it I was recommended that I use the Aloe Vera products that his company was supplying.

I obtained the  Aloe Gel and did applications and was completely relieved to say that I received immediate pain relief and furthermore after one week the inflammation was diminishing. It is now 3 weeks and the red raw inflammation is all healed and I am back to normal.

Thank you as I am so grateful that I discovered this natural method to resolve my very irritating condition.

Grateful thanks



Aloe Powder for Busy Lifestyle and Energy

Hello Sir,

I would like to give you my testimonial after using your Aloe Vera since 2015.

I am currently working in Aged Care and needless to say that I am on the go a lot. lol
I noticed results from using the aloe in the powdered form within ONE DAY! My muscles weren’t as stiff and sore as they usually are.

At the end of the 5th day of using it I come home after work still feeling refreshed and there was NO PAIN WHATSOEVER in my joints and muscles.
I noticed I was sleeping better too, I had a wonderful sense of wellbeing, my skin looked and felt wonderful (my co-workers were even noticing it!)

I don’t feel bloated any more. I went for a walk along the beach and for the first time in a VERY long time and I actually felt like going for a run!
I didn’t come home feeling all worn out. I’m breathing better, I can deal with stress better, I’m noticing MUCH less anxiety…
My body is absolutely loving Aloe Vera! No wonder this plant is called “The Plant of Immortality”

Everyone should know about how great Aloe Vera is. it even helped my mother’s dog. after spending loads of money trying to fix his skin condition, your aloe has cleared it up

Aloe Vera is a wonderful gift from Mother Earth, one that I plan to continually use in the future.

Warmest Regards,



Aloe Powder for burning stomach pain

My friend wants to order more aloe powder (one for her and one for a friend) who is affected by similar burning pain in her stomach now and then and this disappears completely with a drink of Aloe Juice (made from the aloe powder) every day  or every second day.. :0 She has tried lots of expensive medications before which have all been failures. They haven’t reduced the pain in any way. the Aloe Vera juice (made from the Aloe Powder) is eliminating the pain completely. 100% success 




Aloe Vera Powder for stiffness in Body

Hi Chris,

I have suffered from stiffness in the mornings for years and was a struggle to sit on floor and get up. I thought it was just old age (60). I would just like to let you know I have been taking your Aloe Vera (made from the powder) twice daily now for a few months and have no more stiffness and can sit on the floor and get up with ease. I have always used home grown aloe care for sunburn and never realized the plant had so many nutrients for internal use. I have tried both your liquid and dried and I prefer the dried. I am wary of many products on the market and I have trust in yours. Thank you so much. I am so happy to have discovered your product.



Aloe Vera Powder for Gut Problems

Hello Lydia,

I have been using Aloe Vera for years to sort out stomach pains. I found Food Combining very essential also. Most of it is stress – we are very good at holding our hurts in our tummies. Now I’m ordering more dried Aloe Powder from you which seems to be working very efficiently. As I can afford to take it three times a day now I do.




I have tried many Aloe Vera Juices

Hello Lydia,

I am placing another order with you for more Aloe Juice as I am so happy with it!
Here is my personal experience of your Aloe Vera Juice Pure-Natural-Organic 99% Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice!

I have tried many Aloe Vera Juices of the years.

This one by far was the most Vibrant, Alive, and Freshest Aloe Vera Juice I have ever tasted, I couldn’t stop drinking it..
I have to have it now on a regular on going basis since consuming this my energy levels have increased dramatically!
I noticed this within my first one or two days of trying this.. and it has just got better, the vibrational energy of this marvelous Juice is very high’ and I work a lot with plants and their energy and vibrancy and this is simply superb..

Thank you again to all of your wonderful crew there, making this Beautiful Natures Tonic Beverage Available to us all to use in our daily lives! It certainly has uplifted mine.

With Sincerest Gratitude


Aloe Vera Liquid for Pain

Dear Sir,

I received Aloe liquid and began using it straight away.
I have always had lower back problems, and stiffness in the morning and constant pain.
I had taken for a few days and began to feel such a difference pain/stiffness was subsiding, I was able to move freely!

This time round I am going to try the powder after reading the other results.
Thank you for such a wonderful product!



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